GH’S Winged Champagne Flame


Tennessee walker horse
5 years
15.75 hh


GH’ S Winged Champagne Flame, Tennessee Walking Horse, 5 years old
Champus is exactly what we wanted: a nerve-racking, trusting, resting and awakened good buddy type! We are already looking forward to enjoying him later as a riding horse. So far, due to lack of time, he has only done some ground work, always wanting to do everything right and is very motivated in the matter. He also knows walks and is very open to his environment. He brings a good foundation for riding and the necessary serenity for extended rides into nature as well. We are already impressed by his gait quality, he walks across the meadow with wide-ranging steps and has a very nice rocking chair gallop.
Not to be forgotten is its extravagant coloring in Classic Champagne Tobiano, which is certainly rare in Germany (we at least know no more!).
Since we have more horses than we can ride (unfortunately), we would part with Champus if THE right person is on the farm for him and everything really fits perfectly…


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