Quarter Horse
4 years
14.76 hh


Horse dreams come true! Joschi is not just any horse, he is an absolutely uniquely charming Connemara-quarter mix gelding in stunningly beautiful color which we will only give up in super good and caring hands.
Joschi is a dream of a horse with a huge heart, with which he gives his people a lot of trust. He has an excellent charisma and gives his rider a safe feeling in every situation.
Joschi enjoys working but also loves to be cleaned or pampered. He enjoys the attention of his reference persons and prefers leisurely rides through the forest and the meadows. Joschi has a lot of joy in water and especially on hot days he likes to splash it in the water and swim with his rider on his back.
Due to his good-natured character and his clear head, he is already very reliable and good to handle with his 4 years and also completely intrepid.
It is perfect for hiking riders, recreational riders or Western riders, but also for beginners in equestrian sports. Because just more anxious riders or riding beginners, he can have a safe feeling on his horseback because of his serenity.

With his stick size of approx. 1.50m, Joschi is also intrepid on comfortable rides and does not shy away from fast cars, nor from big trackgates or barking dogs he is a really faithful companion who is easy to ride even by children and always new things wants to learn.
He enjoys learning and always listens well to his reference person at work on the riding field.
With him it is always fun to work on to encourage him and to learn with him, he quickly implements newly learned lessons and convinces again and again with his willingness to learn and motivation.

I would like to find a new home for Joschi, where he feels comfortable, is shown the love he is accustomed to and where he is still challenged and encouraged. Therefore, he is only handed over in good hands and personally brought to His new stable. If desired, a purchase investigation will of course be carried out.
You can find us in 26899 Rhede(Ems) and can reach us on 01624348386. No emails.


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