Marielunds First Prime


Miniature Horse
1 year


For sale is this fantastically beautiful American Miniature Horse stallion. “Marielunds First Prime” is very well developed and has the special color Silver Dapple Tovero. Thus, he carries both check genes, Tobiano and Overo, and can also pass both genes on to his offspring.

First Prime is very well socialized and very well educated. He is a regular blacksmith and behaves excellently there! With other horses he understands himself perfectly and has no stallion ambitions yet. He is very well cared for, healthy and both testicles have descended. All our horses are outdoors at least all day in horse company and are reared and kept in a species-appropriate manner.

First Prime played its very first show very successfully in June and can call itself RESERVE CHAMPION in the Multicolor class and CHAMPION in the class Novice Junior Stallions!!

This beautiful AMH stallion was measured at the show with the ideal measure of 31.5. Due to its special and eye-catching appearance, it is ideal as a show horse, but is also a candidate for later breeding because of its excellent pedigrees. Boone’s Little Buckeroo, Sids Rebel, Gold Melody Boy and Flying Aces Unos Noble Attitude are just some of the well-known names in his paper.


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