Paint Horse
5 years
14.76 hh


Charming mare in stunningly beautiful dream check only to hand over to good hands.
Samira is a life insurance company on four hooves and a beautiful Paint-Welsh mix mare with an impressively good character. Samira is 5 years old and approx. 1.50cm tall she is perfect for recreational riders mainly for off-road enthusiasts but also for beginners in equestrian sports. Even more anxious riders or beginners can give you a safe feeling on their backs through their serenity. She loves dealing with children and enjoys being cleaned or washed in fine weather. She likes to carry her rider through the terrain with a lot of fun, whether alone or in a group doesn’t care.
She enjoys the rides over large fields and dirt roads, where she particularly enjoys a cooling in the lake in warm weather.
Through her good-naturedness and intrepidity, she likes to get every anxious rider on the right track. Samira knows the terrain as well as the riding area, where with her everyone is guaranteed to reach the destination safely! It is always fun to work with her, to further promote her talents and to learn new lessons with her. Due to its unmistakable character characteristics as well as the daily handling of reference persons, it is very light-ridden and good to Handel. Trucks, cars, dogs, children playing or loud noises are of little interest to you.
I would like to give Samira a new home where she feels comfortable, where she is shown the love she is accustomed to and her skills and talents are further promoted. Therefore, Samira is only handed over in good hands and personally brought to her new stable. If desired, an Aku is of course made.
You can get to know us and Samira in Rhede, we will be happy to pass on the exact address via a personal message.


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