Starbuck’s Winged All Memories Behind


Tennessee walker horse
5 years
15.26 hh


Memory is a kesses young horse girl as she stands in the book. Always very friendly, interested and enterprising, but never intrusive. She loves contact with people and is not afraid of anything. She finds small rides through woods and fields great and is happy every day when you do something with her. Cleaning and everything about her personality enjoys memory to the fullest. Memory was ridden in autumn 2018 and is in step and some trot already very good to ride in the terrain in the group. Memory is very diligent and attentive in the ground work. It can step sideways in various positions, trot wonderfully on the longe, goes over poles, tarpaulins etc. And has even made a small jump.
Memory is a very exclusive Tennessee Walking Horse in Germany. Her mother was imported from America and is the only Palomino descendant of the laid-back Ted Williams, who has rank and name in the TWH scene and produces very powerful and friendly horses to his top building. Memory’s father Knieval’s Pushin Starbucks is the World Grand Champion 2014 of the SSHBEA (Spotted Saddle Horse) Sport Horse and is characterized by its very pleasant and open nature as well as its versatility and good gait inheritance. Memory’s parents promise grandiose corridors and their potential can be observed already during the ground work and on the pasture. With playing lightness she walks, trots and gallops over the pastures, has an extraordinarily harmonious building with a fascinating neck. Its colour is the icing on the cake, it is Palomino Tobiano and has a beautiful tart face.


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